Farben: Xango

Faitiche is very pleased to announce the release of the second Farben 12" single. Xango gathers four new recordings that exhibit a sketch-like quality and make do without complex arrangements. While Eroten reiten auf einen DelphiN is based on a previously unreleased theme by Ursula Bogner, the remaining three tracks perfectly exemplify the spontaneity and simplicity of Jan Jelinek's current recordings. 

Farben's erstwhile wish to translate the sexiness of a Burt Bacharach song into club music is taken up again on Xango.



The world is writing about Farben:




TheSoundOfSuccess: *****                                   

Mysteron: it’s sonically really rich

Nezalipay: elegant dancing

Jonny Romero: Jelinek is known as ‚El Jefe’ in certain circles.

Boingpoumtchak: a bit harsh

Dragons.Mouth: I thought he has completely lost his mind. Glad I was wrong.



Farben's audiosample-production-center



A1: LesssseN

A2: Xango

B1: Parada

B2: Eroten reiten auf eineN Delphin

A2: Xango
B1: Parada