Jan Jelinek: PrimeTime


Faitiche is delighted to present Jan Jelinek's PrimeTime (faitiche09). This Mini-LP is the second of four vinyl compilations that bring together a highly diverse range of Jelinek's works - including commissioned pieces, live recordings, collaborations with other musicians, as well as unreleased material from the past five years.


Side A:


PrimeTime is a commissioned work for Cinesonic – a series of concerts presented by the Stichting Film en Media Festival Amsterdam in which video art, silent and experimental films are shown together with newly-conceived live soundtracks by contemporary musicians. PrimeTime is a collage of news broadcasts (from August 15th, 2012) and various film music. The piece emerged from the preparations for a performance of Prime Time Paradise by video artists Broersen & Lukács.


Side B:


HipBird, SynthSil and LoneStar are new edits/alternate versions of previously released tracks.

HipBird: an alternate version was released in 2009 as a contribution to Moriyama Zoo (Powershovelbooks, Japan) – a CD/LP and catalog of the works of Japanese photographer Moriyama Daido.

SynthSil (Unfallmusik): a short excerpt of this piece appeared in 2010 as a limited edition 7” flexi-disc on Hanno Leichtmann’s Picture/Disc Edition.

LoneStar: originated from a collaboration with video artist Karl Kliem and was a contribution to the Japanese DVD-Magazine Sound X Vision 2004. An extended and revised version is included here.



A1: PrimeTime (11:08)

B1: HipBird (5:08)

B2: SynthSil (Unfallmusik) (3:58)

B3: LoneStar (3:27)

A1: PrimeTime
B2: SynthSil (Unfallmusik)