'Do you know music?' - faitiche presents the eighth audio collage of field recordings, favorite popsongs and others. The audio collage was made for Secret13. Please click here for download / tracklist / Secret13's description.


Revolving door, Inhotim, Brasil 2013


Ursula Bogner: Schleusen (sonor), slide show projection - reconstruction, based on notes and original slides by Ursula Bogner. Technical realisation: Servando Barreiro. Laura Mars Gallery, Berlin - November 2013.



Temple Of Faitiche - Exhibition at Laura Mars Gallery, Berlin - November 16th - 29th 2013. Opening on friday, November 15th, with a performance of Aufhören: Eine Musik zuhören (Ursula Bogner), performed by Andrew Pekler and Jan Jelinek


Free accessible data (faitiche08-11) - You are invited to bring your laptop / USB-port.  


November 30th 2013, HKW - Berlin: Temple - USB Cube Installation at Elektrofachmarkt




Audio Video Series Die Symmetrie aus Sicht der GastronomieStill Life Loop 5 (Jan Jelinek 2013). Please watch here.


Ich bin eine andere Welt - Group exhibition at xhibit - Akademie der Künste, Vienna, Austria. November 22nd 2013 - January 12th 2014, including drawings, cardbox + index cards and music by Ursula Bogner. Opening: November 21st 2013  - with a performance of Schleusen (sonor), a composition for six signal generators by Ursula Bogner.  


Temple Vinylbox (faitiche08-11) is now available. Please go to order to read more.


A small amount of new airbag craftworks faitiche t-shirts (DARWIN) are now available in blue (yellow print). Please go to order to read more. 

Triosk meets Jan Jelinek: Distant Shore (Scape, 2003)


Audio Video Series Die Symmetrie aus Sicht der GastronomieStill Life Loop 4 (Jan Jelinek 2013). Please watch here.


Supermarket Tengelmann, Frankfurt am Main 2007


New release date for faitiche11 (Jan Jelinek & G.E.S. - Temple) and faitiche08-11 (Temple Vinylbox / USB Cube): October 25th 2013. The vinyl box includes the EPs faitiche08, 09, 10, 11 and two digital prints. A small amount of vinyl boxes without vinyls will be available ONLY on this website. More information about the box set and the USB cube here: english deutsch

Jan Jelinek: Temple (faitiche11)


Audio Video Series Die Symmetrie aus Sicht der GastronomieStill Life Loop 3 (Jan Jelinek 2013). Please watch here.


A new airbag craftworks/faitiche t-shirt is coming soon (Darwin, see left).

Please go to catalog for more information about faitiche11.


faitiche11 & faitiche08-11 vinyl boxset already arrived. Release date is early September 2013. More information soon.


G.E.S.: Helmut Schmidt plays Bach (faitiche11)


Audio Video Series Die Symmetrie aus Sicht der GastronomieStill Life Loop 2 (Jan Jelinek 2013). Please watch here.


Deutschlandradio Kultur will broadcast Dialoge zur Anthropologie - a radio play by Jan Jelinek, July 5th 2013, 00:05. Please scroll down to 16.01.2013 for more information about the radio play.


Die Symmetrie aus Sicht der Gastronomie

Symmetry from the gastronomy's point of view

Computer Soup & Jan Jelinek: The Post-Anthem (Sub Rosa, 2002)


faitiche is more than delighted to present an image of DJ Koze's back. In his own words: "Couldn't sleep all night: I got my first tatoo yesterday - inked by Kat von D". 

DJ Koze: My Grandmotha (farben remix), Kompakt 2006 (excerpt) 


Audio Video Series Die Symmetrie aus Sicht der GastronomieStill Life Loop 1 (Jan Jelinek 2013). Please watch here.


Rehoboth, recorded 1931 in "South West Africa" (Namibia), Phonogramm Archiv, Berlin 2011.


Andrew Pekler & Jan Jelinek play Sonne = Blackbox (Voice and Tape Music by Ursula Bogner) - live at Le Temps Machine, Tours, France - April 19th 2013.


La Marbrerie, Montreuil-Paris, France 2013


Live Soundtrack (excerpt) by Jan Jelinek for Fluidic - a Light Sculpture by WHITEvoid. April 13th & 14th at Salon Del Mobile (Design Week), Milan, Italy 2013. 


faitiche10 has arrived and is finally available here.


Release date of faitiche10 (Jan Jelinek with Masayoshi Fujita: Do you know Otahiti?) is 29th of March 2013. Please go to catalog for more information.

Jan Jelinek: Do you know Otahiti? (faitiche10)


Groupshow's Live at Skymall (Mini-LP, Staubgold 122) is already here and can be purchased via faitiche. Official release date is March 29th, 2013. 


With A Name Like Yours, You Might Be Any Shape - Group Exhibition at Kunstpavillon, Innsbruck, Austria. 15th February 2013 - 30th March 2013, including drawings and music by Ursula Bogner. Opening: 14th February 2013, 7 pm.


Sonne = Blackbox (Ursula Bogner, faitiche05) is nominated for the Qwartz Music Award 9th Edition, Category Experimentation. A public online voting will elect the final winner. Please click here to give your vote! Deadline is 5th March 2013.    


Repair. A new film by Thomas Mohr. Audio: Groupshow - A small amount of The Martyrdom of Groupshow CDs (Scape Records 2009) are in stock and can be ordered here.


A new Groupshow Mini-LP is coming out on 29th March 2013, Label: StaubgoldTitle: Live At Skymall (staubgold 122 lp/dl). More information soon.


Ursula Bogner: Pluto (orbit and gyration), year unknown. (excerpt)


Dialoge zur Anthropologie - a radio play by Jan Jelinek (composition & realisation), Language: German. First broadcast: 5th February 2013, 11.03 PM on SWR. Click here for more information (download).


The radio play is based on fictional/speculative fieldrecordings of the Tasaday, a tribe of "Stone Age Cavemen", which have been discovered in Mindanao, Philippines, 1971. The Tasaday's original conversations are reproduced by text-to-speech-programs. The story of their discovery is a fictional reconstruction, based on original quotes by journalists and scientists.

Dialoge zur Anthropologie (excerpt) - Jan Jelinek