Jan Jelinek:
ICE Compositions



A1. ICE 695 (04:58)
A2. ICE 897 (03:52)
B1. ICE 897 (05:28
B2. ICE 594 (05:06)

Jan Jelinek:
ICE Compositions

On the occasion of the vinyl rerelease of 1+3+1 (Triosk meets Jan Jelinek, faitback05), Jan Jelinek's ICE Compositions are being made available digitally for the first time. ICE Compositions was released back in 2002 as a strictly limited vinyl EP on the En/Of label as part of a collaboration with the US artist Sarah Morris. The tracks are named after the different trains aboard which they were composed on a laptop while traveling.
All of the tracks on the EP were interpreted by the Australian band Triosk and later re-edited/arranged by Jelinek. These versions/variations can be found on the album 1+3+1.

Written and produced by Jan Jelinek, 2002
Mastering by Guiseppe Ielasi, 2021
Layout by Jan Jelinek (motiv Darwin)

ICE Composition is only digital available & NOT at the Faitiche webshop available.