Roméo Poirier, Jan Jelinek:




A (HATE): Negative Feedback (Roméo Poirier), (3:37)
B (LOVE): Collage Of Digital Passion (The Exposures aka Jan Jelinek), (3:02) 

Roméo Poirier, Jan Jelinek:

The vinyl single LOVE/HATE brings together two sample collages on the theme of good and evil. Often evoked and sung about, but rarely in such concentrated, systematic form, these collages present the words LOVE and HATE in a variegated catalogue of articulations. Poirier’s miniature radio play is anything but misanthropic: never before has the message of hate been conveyed in such a wonderfully warm-hearted manner. The LOVE side features a track originally released by Jan Jelinek in 2005 on the Eastern Developments label under the long-forgotten pseudonym The Exposures.

From the original The Exposures press release:

Originally intended as the intro to a special edition of the radio broadcast “Abenteuer Forschung” (Adventures in Research) on “sexuality and romance in digital postmodernism”, the composition collages countless “love” samples from the R&B genre. The “collage of digital passion” had a devastating effect, acting as an aphrodisiac that turned the recording session into an orgy. No further details were revealed by the broadcaster. Unfortunately, the programme wasn’t broadcast live so the secret is likely to remain locked away in the station’s archives forever. Nevertheless, Eastern Developments have managed to obtain authorisation for a “toned down” version of the original, providing the listener with a vague idea of the composition’s true impact.


Negative Feeback (HATE), w & p by Roméo Poirier, 2023
Collage Of Digital Passion (LOVE), w & p by Jan Jelinek, 2002    
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi 
Design by Tim Tetzner