Giuseppe Ielasi:
Rhetorical Islands



A1. 01 (03:09)
A2. 02 (02:29)
A3. 03 (04:29)
A4. 04 (03:44)
A5. 05 (02:22)

B1. 06 (02:24)
B2. 07 (02:19)
B3. 08 (01:58)
B4. 09 (02:53)
B5. 10 (03:52)

Giuseppe Ielasi:
Rhetorical Islands

First vinyl edition of the album Rhetorical Islands, originally released by Giuseppe Ielasi in 2012 as a limited-edition CD on his Senufo Editions label, with recordings made in 2011 as a commission for l’Audible Festival, Paris.

The album’s ten tracks have neither titles nor accompanying text, standing for themselves as what Ielasi himself has called “isolated sound worlds”. They are nonetheless unparalleled in their plasticity, acoustic events with a rare degree of tangibility. Ielasi evokes physical objects, some of which seem to have been constructed out of paper and cardboard, others based on a mechanics of elastic materials. Of course these objects are hallucinations, and precisely because Ielasi constructs them so masterfully there’s no need for any further information. Here’s to everyone creating their very own sculptures while listening to Rhetorical Islands!

The front and back cover features 0.058, a work on paper by the artists Thomas & Renée Rapedius. They make sculptures whose form and artistic inspiration are defined by their materials. Like Ielasi’s acoustic islands, their impact derives from self-referentiality, resulting in paradoxical objects that embody both a detailed material study and a potential for free association.

photo by Thomas & Rénee Rapedius, 2023

Originally released on Senufo Editions in 2012
Original materials produced for an untitled piece commissioned by Jérôme Noetinger for l'Audible Festival, Paris 2011
A few sounds taken from the '15cds' tape (Entr'acte)
Paper work by Thomas & Renée Rapedius, 0.0058, paper, 220x140cm
Design by Tim tetzner
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