Jan Jelinek:
Social Engineering (Album)




A1. Social Engineering 1 (The narrative of the heritage) (04:17)
A2. Social Engineering 2 (A mystery wants to be disclosed) (03:08)
A3. Social Engineering 3 (ALERT!) (05:56)
A4. Social Engineering 4 (A mystery wants to be disclosed, progressed version) (01:13)
A5. Social Engineering 5 (The one-off opportunity) (03:56)

B1. Social Engineering 6 (Medical frivolities) (01:48)
B2. Social Engineering 7 (A vague allegation & the concrete blackmail) (02:53)
B3. Social Engineering 8 (This is not a joke! 1) (00:47)
B4. Social Engineering 9 (Sad self-optimization) (03:28)
B5. Social Engineering 10 (Incoherent translation algorithms) (00:42)
B6. Social Engineering 11 (BUSINESS) (04:02)
B7. Social Engineering 12 (This is not a joke! 2) (02:22)
B8. Social Engineering 13 (The polite threat) (01:53)

Jan Jelinek:
Social Engineering (Album)

In my mailbox: "Good day info, the conquer solidity static status gigolo. 2 caves dungeons song. pitch fungus vim, 14 triplets listlessness. celluloid advisor applying. season globe Italy, switch-off amphitheatre 42 updraught. The popularity buddha languish fifth mockery. holder condensate minima. the tutorial verifized (and rinse). 14 appetence concept’s. dullness captived cockerel. With good wishes, Dr. Fatimaiy Oakley"

Social Engineering brings together thirteen text fragments from so-called phishing emails. Using speech synthesis, they are spoken, sung, and/or transformed into abstract textures. The result is a 36-minute language and sound collage devoted to the dark forces of phishing.

in my mailbox ... 

w & p by Jan Jelinek at G. Guillaume Studio, Berlin 2022
Mastered by Rashad Becker
Design by Tim Tetzner
Social Engineering was originally produced as a radio work for Südwestrundfunk
Many thanks to Frank Halbig