Andrew Pekler:
Sounds From Phantom Islands




A1. Approximate Bermeja
A2. Hy Brasil
A3. Sunshower at Sandy Island
A4. Saxenburgh / Pepys / Aurora
A5. Los Jardines

B1. Taprobana
B2. Description of Rain (Over Frisland)
B3. Fonseca Winds (Lament)
B4. Onaseuse / Crespo / Rica de Oro
B5. Tuanahe

Andrew Pekler:
Sounds From Phantom Islands

Faitiche is delighted to present a new album by Andrew Pekler: Sounds From Phantom Islands brings together ten tracks created over the last three years for the interactive website Phantom Islands - A Sonic Atlas. With his 2016 album Tristes Tropiques, Pekler created a highly unique cosmos of ethnographic sound speculations. Sounds From Phantom Islands continues and simultaneously expands this concept: finely elaborated chordal motifs float like fog over fictional maritime landscapes. A masterpiece of contemporary Exotica.

Phantom islands are islands that appeared on historical maps but never actually existed. The status of these artefacts of European colonial expansion from the 15th to the 19th century oscillates between cartographic fact and maritime fiction. Sounds From Phantom Islands interprets and presents these imaginations as a quasi-ethnographic catalog of music and synthetic field recordings. The pieces on this album are based on recordings made for Phantom Islands - A Sonic Atlas, an online interactive map developed with cultural anthropologist Stefanie Kiwi Menrath.

Kiwi Menrath / Andrew Pekler: Phantom Islands - A Sonic Atlas

Written and produced by Andrew Pekler 2016-2019, mastering by Giuseppe Ielasi, graphic design by Tim Tetzner, special thanks to Kiwi Menrath and Flavio Gortana.