Jan Jelinek:
The Raw and The Cooked




A1. The Raw and The Cooked (Zwischen/Raum), (13:54)
A2. The Raw and The Cooked (II), (6:26)

B1. The Raw and The Cooked (V), (5:57)
B2. The Raw and The Cooked (IV), (5:56)
B3. The Raw and The Cooked (III), (6:50)

Jan Jelinek:
The Raw and The Cooked

Faitiche is delighted to release an album version of the radio piece Vom Rohen und Gekochten (The Raw and The Cooked) originally composed and produced by Jan Jelinek for the state broadcaster SWR2. The album The Raw and The Cooked brings together five sound collages that deal with the consistency of material and its mutability.

Solid, raw, boiling, powdery, liquid, broken and folded - categories which describe the nature of material. They can also be read in a chronological sequence: solid becomes broken becomes liquid becomes powdery... Material tells of its essence as it drifts through its states, always in correspondence with external energies. The Raw and The Cooked observes the artists Thomas & Renée Rapedius as they design their paper and metal objects and the artist Peter Granser as he ritually prepares Japanese tea, it shatters glass, bends metal and burns wood. The resulting audio documents capture processes of material transformation as sound.

Peter Granser (idea & concept): Zwischen/Raum, installation view

The Raw and The Cooked was created with the help of ITO Raum Stuttgart and Thomas & Renée Rapedius. Originally produced for radio broadcast on Südwestrundfunk in 2020 it contains a variation of the collage Zwischen/Raum that was made with funding from Musikfonds. Many thanks to Eckhart Holzboog and Beatrice Theil, as well as Frank Halbig/SWR. 


Written and produced by Jan Jelinek, 2019
Mastering by Rashad Becker
Design by Tim Tetzner
Album images by Jan Jelinek
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