Do you know music?

Do you know Music (which is only audible in public)? Faitiche presents the third audiocollage of fieldrecordings, favorite popsongs and others. 01. G.E.S.: previously unreleased track 02. Holger Hiller: Budapest-Bukarest 03. Terry Riley: Birds of Paradise I 04. Niobe: Tic Tac 05. Easy: Ovet 06. Andre Tschaskowski: Threat and suspense 07. G.E.S.: previously unreleased track 08. DBX: Spock's Brain 09. Jim O'Rourke: Despite the Water Supply 10. Conrad Schnitzler: Conrad & Sohn 11: Walter Carlos: Dialogues for Piano and two Loudspeakers 12. Ferrante & Teicher: What is this thing called love 13. The Residents: Skratz 14. John Pfeiffer: Reflection of a String 15. Sun Ra: I'm strange 16. G.E.S.: previously unreleased track 17. Jan Jelinek: Unfallmusik


Jan Jelinek: Do you know Music (which is only audible in public)?, 2010