• 03.12.2018

    I only have eyes for you

    Hard to believe but ... a new Faitiche website has been launched. The News posts of the old site have been transferred and saved (scroll down for archive) - unfortunately the images' original format is not compatible with the new layout. So please excuse a rather blurred retrospective view.


    Jan Jelinek: I only have eyes for you, 2018 

  • 14.11.2018

    Lucrecia Dalt: Tar (Jan Jelinek Remix)

    digital release on RVG Intl. #56, 2018


    Lucrecia Dalt: Tar (Jan Jelinek Remix)

  • 01.11.2018

    Temple of Faitiche (Nov 2018)

    faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL. Next show's subject/title is Hysteria, on air November 2nd, 14:00-15:00. Afterwards as stream & download available.

  • 26.10.2018

    Ursula Bogner: Recordings 1969-1988 (2018 remaster) - out now

    Vinyl reissue of faitiche01 is now available.


    Ursula Bogner: Meteoriten, b/w photo

    Gramm: 70gr (faitback09), 2019

  • 18.10.2018

    Faitiche18 & Faitback09 / Thomas Mohr

    Faitiche is delighted to announce two new releases for Winter/Spring 2019:
    ASUNA & Jan Jelinek: Signals Bulletin (faitiche18) - a new collaboration between the Japanese sound artist ASUNA and Jan Jelinek.
    Gramm: Personal Rock (faitback09) - vinyl reissue of Jelinek's album debut from 2000 on Source Records.
    Video/media artist Thomas Mohr uploaded a new work: Now on Facebook 4456-4333 includes music of Farben presents James DIN A4.

    Doodle drawings, artists unknown -  taken from ASUNA's Doodle Drawing Collection

    ASUNA & Jan Jelinek: Fountain (faitiche18), 2019

  • 11.09.2018

    OCR Coding

    Wonderful world of OCR coding (Optical Character Recognition):
    Typewritten sheet scanned, converted with onlineocr.net and imported into Microsoft Word - no additional manipulation. Highly recommended: "Halbzeug. Textverarbeitung" by Hannes Bajohr, Berlin 2018

    left: before / right: after processing

    External harddrive, Berlin 2018

  • 01.09.2018

    Temple of Faitiche (Sep 2018)

    Second season of faitiche's BIMONTHLY radio show on LYL starts forthcoming week. Next show's subject/title is I'm lonely, on air Sept 7th, 14:00-15:00. Afterwards as stream & download available.

  • 21.08.2018


    Faitiche is nearly ten years old.
    October 2008 saw the release of Ursula Bogner: Recordings 1969-1988The album will be reissued in a remastered version (LP/digital) to mark the label’s tenth anniversary. The new version also includes four bonus tracks that were previously only available on a vinyl 7" single (Pluto hat einen Mond, Maas Media Verlag 2010). Release: Oct 26th 2018.

    Ursula Bogner: "Schriftflechte", from the series "Texturobjekte" (paper, ceramic), year unknown. 

    Ursula Bogner: Metazoon (faitiche01 - 2018 Remaster)

  • 04.08.2018

    Riverside sounds



    Riverside sounds, Hanoi & Dong Hoi 2018

  • 07.06.2018

    Während es sich in Windungen verdichtet (ITO Stuttgart)

    Sound performance for Renée & Thomas Rapedius' exhibition/installation Während es sich in Windungen verdichtet - June 14th 2018 at ITO Stuttgart



    Jan Jelinek: Faltung/Glas (für Rapedius), faitiche 2018

  • 01.03.2018

    Temple Panopticon (excerpt)

    A slide show triggers randomly Temple' s merged audio data (faitiche08-11, total running time 2:05:31) - Panopticon accompanies the Temple concrete block installation.

  • 15.02.2018

    Wind & Electromagnetic Interference

    Pico do Arieiro, 2018


    Jan Jelinek, Wind & Electromagnetic Interference, 2018

  • 09.01.2018

    Die Symmetrie aus Sicht der Gastronomie (audio/video)

    A stroboscopic meditation on/with rotary switches, Jan Jelinek 2013


  • 07.01.2018

    Andrew Pekler: Juxtapositions

    A new mix by Andrew Pekler


    This image was originally uploaded for the old faitiche website in a different/smaller format. 

    Juxtapositions - a mix by Andrew Pekler