Bird, Lake, Objects & Schaum

Vinyl repress of the two collaboration albums by Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek - Bird, Lake, Objects (faitiche03, 2010) & Schaum (faitiche13, 2016). Release date: July 18th 2020.

Bird, Fog, Objects (Masayoshi Fujita, oil on paper, 2007)

Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek: Workshop for modernity (faitiche03), 2010


Temple of Faitiche (May 2020)

faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL. Next show's guest is visual artist, musician and former member of Die tödliche Doris Chris Dreier with a 30 minutes mix titled Regelfall - on air May 22nd, 14:00-15:00. Afterwards as stream & download available.

Drei Grazien (Chris Dreier, 2014)


Frisland Dub

Outtake from Andrew Pekler's Sounds From Phantom Islands - distantly related to the album's track Description Of Rain (Over Frisland).

artwork for Sounds From Phantom Islands, photo by Andrew Pekler

Andrew Pekler: Frisland Dub, 2019



Jan Jelinek’s album Tierbeoachtungen is now available on vinyl for the first time. Originally released on Scape in 2006 as a CD and download, the album’s six tracks took their cues from Jelinek’s live concerts of that period: dense, slowly unfolding loop improvisations made with a laptop, various effect pedals and miniature synthesizers.

artwork Tierbeobachtungen, photo by Jan Jelinek

"It is music that floats in a semi-conscious state between dream and awakening, always slightly mysterious, leaving traces that lead directly to the psychedelic-cosmic music of the kraut era" Martin Büsser, 2006

Jan Jelinek: The Ballad Of Soap Und: Die GEMA Nimmt Kontakt Auf (faiback07)


Abtasten Halten / Sample Hold

Faitiche is delighted to present a new album by Frank Bretschneiderabtasten_halten was made as part of the raster.labor installation first presented at CTM Festival in 2019. abtasten_halten is a self-generating composition for synthesizer modules whose sole sound source is the movement of two VU meter needles. Official release is September 18th 2020.

artwork abtasten_halten (excerpt), graphic design by Tim Tetzner

Jan Jelinek's Vom Rohen und Gekochten (On the Raw and the Cooked) is now online at SWR2.

Frank Bretschneider: abtasten_halten Filter (faitiche21), 2020


Beweisstücke für das Bombardement 2020

RIP Krzysztof Penderecki: Another radio piece by Jan Jelinek is as stream available again hereBeweisstücke für das Bombardement (Evidence for the bombardment) from 2015 is a composition, collage and document about the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.


Jan Jelinek: Audio Map Beweisstücke für das Bombardement, 2015

Krysztof Penderecki's score of Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima provides the conceptual frame for the collage's arrangement.

Jan Jelinek: Beweisstücke für das Bombardement, 2015 (excerpt)


Das Scheitern der bemannten Raumfahrt

Dealing with cabin fever: Jan Jelinek’s radio piece/play Das Scheitern der bemannten Raumfahrt (The failure of manned spaceflight) from 2014 is as stream and download available again here. The radio piece retells the failure of the first Biosphere 2 mission in Arizona in 1991.

Jane Poynter: The Human Experiment, two years and twenty minutes inside Biosphere 2, 2006

Especially from a sociological perspective, the mission was a debacle: Isolated from the outside world, the team of eight Biospherians split into two rival camps during their stay. The radio piece is bilingual (german, english).

Jan Jelinek: Das Scheitern der bemannten Raumfahrt, 2014 (excerpt)


Temple of Faitiche (March 2020)

faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL. Next show's guest is musician and label founder Mads Emil Nielsen - on air March 27th, 14:00-15:00. Afterwards as stream & download available.

Percussion Loops (arbitrary04)


GES plays American Standards

G.E.S. plays The Great American Songbook, a series of favorite Pop songs - grained and rearranged by Granular Sound Synthesis.

Diorama, Erfindung einer Illusion, Schirn 2017

GES: standard No. 2, faitiche 2020


Vom Rohen und Gekochten

German SWR2 Ars Acustica premiers a new radio work by Jan Jelinek: Vom Rohen und Gekochten (On the Raw and the Cooked). Premiere: April, 7th 2020. Afterwards as stream and free download for 18 months available here.

Jan Jelinek: series Symmetrie aus Sicht der Gastronomie, 2011 (ink on paper)  


About the work: Solid, raw, boiling, powdery, liquid, broken and folded - empirical categories which describe the nature of material. more

Jan Jelinek: Vom Rohen und Gekochten (excerpt), 2020


Framework 2

The danish label arbitrary presents the vinyl release Framework 2 by Mads Emil Nielsen, including graphic scores, recordings and interpretations – with Andrea Neumann + contributions by Jan Jelinek and Hideki Umezawa. Release date: Feb 7th 2020. more

Mads Emil Nielsen: graphic score for Circles

Jan Jelinek: Circles 2, 2019


Temple of Faitiche (Jan 2020)

faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL. Next show's guest is Stefan Schneider with an one hour TAL label mix - on air Jan 31st, 14:00-15:00. Afterwards as stream & download available.

Nobuyoshi Araki: Pseudo Diary, 1980


Ballistik & Ballett

Sven-Åke Johansson performs Ballistik & Ballett (performance for peas and drums) at Laura Mars Gallery, Nov. 16th 2019 - on the occasion of the exhibition Faitiche, est. 2008.


Zwischen/Raum 2

Wieder und Wieder. Ritual, Kontemplation, Obsession. Exhibition at DG Kunstraum in Munich, Germany - including Peter Granser's installation Zwischen/Raum with sound by Jan Jelinek. Opening this thursday, January 16th 2020, 18:00. Closing event: March 21st 2020

photo by Peter Granser, Zwischen/Raum, interior view