Jan Jelinek: Hyperion (A/V Installation), 2020

Jan Jelinek: Hyperion (4-channel composition & video installation), commission for Donaueschinger Musiktage 2020. Technical assistance: Karl Kliem. Watch YouTube video (not listed) here.

Museum Art.Plus, Hyperion (slide show / installation view), Donaueschingen 2020


Temple of Faitiche (April 2021)

faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL. Next show's guest is electroacoustic composer Bérangère Maximin  - on air April 2nd, 14:00-15:00. Afterwards as Mixcloud stream available.

Bérangère Maximin: Land Of Waves, Karl Records 2020


Jan Jelinek & Stefan Schneider

Excerpt of a live recording on the occasion of Bereicherung - a concert/lecture/performance series curated by Stefan Schneider and Thorsten Nolting.

Rundscheibe Nr. XIII, Ferdinand Kriwet - leserattenfaenge, 1965

Jan Jelinek & Stefan Schneider: Live improvisation (excerpt), May 12th 2020 Düsseldorf


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Silver Circle

R.I.P. Chick Corea. Silver Circle by Jan Jelinek - based on a sample by ... guess who? Originally released in 2002 on ~scape, album title: Instrumentals - Staedtizism 3, various artists.

Käthe Kruse: Ich sehe (Schlagzeilen und Tonspuren, Edition Distanz), 2020

Jan Jelinek: Silver Circle, 2002


Rings (faitiche23)

Fortunately for us, Dmytro Nikolaienko agreed to open up the jewellery boxes of his tape-loop archive for his debut album on Faitiche. What came to light was a collection of dreamy glittering gems, masterfully presented using the compositional possibilities of analogue tape machines. Release: April 16th 2021. more

artwork (excerpt) for Nikolaienko: Rings, faitiche23, photo by Dmytro Nikolaienko

Nikolaienko: Ambianta I (faitiche23), 2021


ICE Compositions

On the occasion of the vinyl rerelease of 1+3+1 (Triosk meets Jan Jelinek, faitback05, release: April 9th 2021), Jan Jelinek's ICE Compositions are being made available digitally (remastered version) for the first time. more

Faitiche: Darwin

Jan Jelinek: A1. ICE 695 (ICE Compositions, faitback11), 2002 


Temple of Faitiche (February 2021)

faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL. Next show's guest is musician and label founder Nikolaienko (label Muscut & Shukai) - on air February 5th, 14:00-15:00. Afterwards as stream & download available.

Nikolaienko: The Sounds Of Pseudoscience (Muscut 3, 2015)


Orecchio di Dionisio (II.)

The limestone cave, situated in the Sicilian town of Syracuse, 65 meters deep and laid out in ancient times, has exceptional acoustics: A person standing in the cave's entrance can hear every word whispered deep down inside it. more

Orecchio di Dionisio, Syracusa Italy, 2018

Jan Jelinek: Orecchio di Dionisio (II), 2021