Faitiche label night at Morphine Raum, Berlin

Double record release event at Morphine Raum, Berlin on October 18th 2023, 20:00: blackbody_radiation plays Ultra Materials (solo laptop) and SG (Andrew Pekler) plays For Lovers Only / Rain Suite (solo guitar & pedals). More information here

design by faitiche, 2023


Nikolaienko: Belated Procession I

Belated Procession I is a groovy city excursion and first preview of Nikolaienko's new work for faitiche in 2024. Read more & watch the video by Dmytro Nikolaienko here: vimeo.

Nikolaienko: Belated Procession I (video still), 2023


Trip Shrubb: 78 6.8 Leuder

Have a listen to one of the 72 (!) pieces which sadly couldn't make it on Trip Shrubb's wonderfully expansive project Trewwer, Leud un Danz, relased in 2021 on faitiche. You can find the original project and the complete catalog here.

Hillentrup village - home of Trip Shrubb, year unknown.

Trip Shrubb: 78 6.8 Leuder (2013)


Corridors (IV)

Fourth contribution to a series about the uneventfulness & clandestine acoustics of corridors. This time a conglomerat of two different hotel corridors: Hotel Pierre Loti, Juan-les-Pins, France 2023 & Holiday Inn, London, UK 2018. Both corridors feature a dysfunctional neon light.

Hotel Pierre Loti, 2023 - a hotel that the author rather cannot recommend.  

Jan Jelinek: Corridor IV (excerpt), 2023


SG (Andrew Pekler): For Lovers Only / Rain Suite

Andrew Pekler returning to faitiche with an album of sentimental guitar escapism. Release: Oct. 6th 2023, format: LP/DL. more

artwork (front cover) for For lovers Only / Rain Suite by Dmytro Nikolaienko

SG (Andrew Pekler): Western Affect (faitiche33, 2023)


XLR8R Influences 24: Jan Jelinek

Hard to believe: faitiche's 15th label anniversary is coming up this year. A good excuse for label propaganda, so done for XLR8R Influences series. Check here

artwork for Influences 24: Jan Jelinek, XLR8R 2023


blackbody_radiation: Ultra-Materials

Faitiche welcomes Andrew Black aka blackbody_radiation. His debut album Ultra-Materials (faitiche32) gathers six ghostly drones, created with the help of sound masking. Release: Sep. 8th 2023, format: LP/DL. more

artwork (front cover) for Ultra-Materials by Tim Tetzner & Andrew Black

blackbody_radiation: Rhyolite (faitiche32, 2023)


Corridors (III)

Third contribution to a series about the uneventfulness & clandestine acoustics of corridors. This time the definition of the corridor includes Marrakech's side alleys. Hints of public flash up behind the façade of uneventfulness. The side alleys become a gathering place for acoustic micro-events that take place behind closed doors.

Side alleys at the Medina in Marrakesh, 2023

Jan Jelinek: Corridor III (excerpt), 2023


Temple of Faitiche (June 2023)

Faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL: Label founder and producer Jan Jelinek portraits musician, sound artist, mastering engineer and label owner (Senufo Editions, Schoolmap Records) Giuseppe Ielasi for the first half, Giuseppe responses with his own mix collage for the second. On air June 16th, 13:00-14:00. Available afterwards as Mixcloud stream.

Giuseppe Ielasi, 2023


Roméo Poirier: Negative Feedback

Coming end of 2023: 7"/single vinyl, which gathers two collages on the good and the evil: LOVE & HATE. A-Side: Negative Feedback (HATE) by Roméo Poirier, B-Side: Collage of Digital passion (LOVE) by The Exposures aka Jan Jelinek, Format: vinyl only. Have a pre-listen to Roméo's radiophonic drama en miniature.

LOVE & HATE artwork (sketches / footage), faitiche 2023

Roméo Poirier: Negative Feedback (HATE / A-Side), faitiche34


Jan Jelinek: SEASCAPE - polyptych (OST)

Third album announcement for 2023: Faitiche presents Jan Jelinek's soundtrack for SEASCAPE – polyptych, an audio-visual software developed in collaboration with Canadian new media artist Clive Holden in 2022. SEASCAPE – polyptych is based on image and acoustic source material from John Huston's 1956 classic Moby Dick. Official release: April 28th 2023, already in stock and available at the webshop. more

Jan Jelinek: SEASCAPE - polyptych, artwork by Tim Tetzner, 2023


Temple of Faitiche (April 2023)

Faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL: Label founder and producer Jan Jelinek portraits sound-art composer and installation artist Christina Kubisch for the first half, Christina responses with her own mix collage for the second. Christina Kubisch is best known for her sound installations and electro-acoustic compositions. On air April 21st, 13:00-14:00. Available afterwards as Mixcloud stream.

Christina Kubisch: Cloud (2011-2019)


Temple of Faitiche at Berlin's silent green

On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, Faitiche is organising a special evening at silent green (Berlin, Friday April 21st 2023): Japanese sound artist ASUNA will present his 100 Keyboards performance. Groupshow, the improv trio of Hanno Leichtmann, Andrew Pekler and Jan Jelinek, will reunite live for the first time after a 5-year break. Parallel to the concerts, the audio/video installation SEASCAPE - polytptych by Clive Holden and Jan Jelinek will be shown at the entrance of silent green's Betonhalle. More info

Asuna performs 100 Keyboards, photo by Julieta Cervantes


UND T-Shirt

Back in stock: Faitiche UND T-shirts, all sizes. More info


Corridors (II)

Second contribution to a series about the uneventfulness & clandestine acoustics of hotel corridors. Each part of the series portrays a certain corridor / presents a processed recording from Jan Jelinek's archive. The second post introduces a corridor at The Westin, Hamburg - recorded in 2022.

Again - other proportions, another place, but still a hotel corridor: Chicago 2011

Jan Jelinek: Corridor II, 2023


Muellie Messiah & Punk Not Punk

Second album announcement for 2023: Muellie Messiah & Punk Not Punk - Exq I (faitiche 30), release: March 3rd 2023. Exq I is a monumental 36 minutes track, recorded in 2010 by Berlin underground techno legends Muellie Messiah & Punk Not Punk - mainly known under their 100Records moniker. The work effortlessly intermingling dub, drone, field recording and collage, a blend achieved thanks to the duo’s jazz-inspired approach to improvisation. more

Old maestros at work: Muellie Messiah (Budde) and Punk Not Punk (Osti), year unknown.


Social Engineering

German SWR2 premiers a new bilingual (DE, EN) radio work by Jan Jelinek: Social Engineering. A 33-minute voice and sound collage dedicated to the hysteria of phishing emails. Premiere: February, 25th 2023. Available afterwards as free stream & download for 18 months heremore

Unfortunately still unchanged: A screenshot from last year's mail box.

Jan Jelinek: Social Engineering (excerpt), 2023


Temple of Faitiche (February 2023)

Time for a change at Faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL. From now on it's one hour = one artist portrait. Jan Jelinek portraits drummer and composer Hanno Leichtmann for the first half, Hanno Leichtmann responses with his Gravest Hits of Avantgarde mix for the second. Leichtmann curated and installed a jukebox with 50 lathe cut 7“ singles - a personal selection of modern classical music, commissioned for the 100th edition of Donaueschinger Musiktage - on air February 24th, 13:00-14:00. Available afterwards as Mixcloud stream.

Hanno Leichtmann: Gravest Hits, Donaueschingen 2021.


Corridors (I)

faitiche Journal / Jan Jelinek starts a new series about the uneventfulness & clandestine acoustics of hotel corridors. Each part of the series will portray a certain corridor / present a processed recording from Jelinek's archive. The first part begins with a corridor at Fujisawa Hotel, Kyoto - recorded in 2006.

Actually a much more spacious corridor than at Hotel Fujisawa: Chicago 2011

Jan Jelinek: Corridor I, 2023


Roméo Poirier: Eli Keszler Remix + 1

Coming this Friday, 13th (!): Roméo Poirer - Eli Keszler Remix + 1 (digital only release). Roméo Poirier adds another track to his last year's album Living Room: Les encombres is anything but what the title suggests. A compelling addition to Roméo's mysterious cabinet of curiosities. Eli Keszler remixes Statuario - the album's opening track - and transforms it into an atmospheric setting that seems to have sprung from a magical vaudeville act. more

Roméo Poirer: Eli Keszler Remix + 1 (faitiche28+), artwork by Tim Tetzner, 2023

Roméo Poirier: Les encombres (faitiche 28+), 2023


Groupshow: Greatest Hits

2023 starts with an album announcement (up to six more will follow this year): Groupshow - Greatest Hits (faitiche 29), release: Jan 27th 2023. The ten tracks on this first vinyl album by Groupshow (Hanno Leichtmann, Andrew Pekler, Jan Jelinek), recorded between 2005 and 2018, document concert recordings and studio improvisations by the trio. more

Groupshow live at Radialsystem, Berlin 2019, photo by Juliane Schütz

Groupshow: Music For A Plank Press (faitiche 29), 2023