Corridors (I)

faitiche Journal / Jan Jelinek starts a new series about the eventlessness & clandestine acoustics of hotel corridors. Each part of the series will portray a certain corridor / present a processed recording from Jelinek's archive. The first part begins with a corridor at Fujisawa Hotel, Kyoto - recorded in 2006.


Actually a much more spacious corridor than at Hotel Fujisawa: Chicago 2011

Jan Jelinek: Corridor I, 2023


Roméo Poirier: Eli Keszler Remix + 1

Coming this Friday, 13th (!): Roméo Poirer - Eli Keszler Remix + 1 (digital only release). Roméo Poirier adds another track to his last year's album Living Room: Les encombres is anything but what the title suggests. A compelling addition to Roméo's mysterious cabinet of curiosities. Eli Keszler remixes Statuario - the album's opening track - and transforms it into an atmospheric setting that seems to have sprung from a magical vaudeville act. more

Roméo Poirer: Eli Keszler Remix + 1 (faitiche28+), artwork by Tim Tetzner, 2023

Roméo Poirier: Les encombres (faitiche 28+), 2023


Groupshow: Greatest Hits

2023 starts with an album announcement (up to six more will follow this year): Groupshow - Greatest Hits (faitiche 29), release: Jan 27th 2023. The ten tracks on this first vinyl album by Groupshow (Hanno Leichtmann, Andrew Pekler, Jan Jelinek), recorded between 2005 and 2018, document concert recordings and studio improvisations by the trio. more

Groupshow live at Radialsystem, Berlin 2019, photo by Juliane Schütz

Groupshow: Music For A Plank Press (faitiche 29), 2023