Roméo Poirier: Eli Keszler Remix + 1

Coming this Friday, 13th (!): Roméo Poirer - Eli Keszler Remix + 1 (digital only release). Roméo Poirier adds another track to his last year's album Living Room: Les encombres is anything but what the title suggests. A compelling addition to Roméo's mysterious cabinet of curiosities. Eli Keszler remixes Statuario - the album's opening track - and transforms it into an atmospheric setting that seems to have sprung from a magical vaudeville act. more

Roméo Poirer: Eli Keszler Remix + 1 (faitiche28+), artwork by Tim Tetzner, 2023

Roméo Poirier: Les encombres (faitiche 28+), 2023