Andrew Pekler, Japan tour and soundtrack

Andrew Pekler will perform SG in Japan (July 21st Tokyo at Polaris, 26th Kyoto at Soto, 28th Osaka at Slowmotion @ Compufunk Records, August 7th Fukuoka at Kyushu University Acoustic Research Center). Watch also Kazuhiro Terauchi 's short film Almost Blue - nocturnal skateboarding shots in the streets of Tokyo with music by SG.

Almost Blue by Kazuhiro Terauchi (film still), 2024


Beispiel: Live at Zwinglikirche, Berlin

Live improvisation (excerpt) by Beispiel (Frank Bretschneider & Jan Jelinek) at Zwinglikirche Berlin, June 13th 2024 - on the occasion of Audiovisionen / Kulturraum Zwingli-Kirche e.V. Berlin.

photo by F. Bretschneider (left) and J. Jelinek (right), 2024

Beispiel: Live at Zwinglikirche (excerpt), 2024


Roméo Poirier: Muscle de sable remix - live in Katowice

Listen to a live version of Muscle de sable - Jan Jelinek remix (remixed by Roméo Poirier) - performed live at Solar Festiwal in Katowice (Poland) on March 31st 2024. 

Clark: Pierro dell Francesca, London 1969

Roméo Poirier: Muscle de sable (remix's remix by Roméo Poirier), live at Solar Festiwal, Katowice, March 31st 2024


Temple of Faitiche (June 2024)

Faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL: Label founder and producer Jan Jelinek portraits Japanese microsound composer & sound artist Miki Yui for the first half, Miki responses with her own mix/collage/selection for the second. On air June Friday 21st, 14:00-15:00. Available afterwards as Mixcloud stream.

Rolf Julius: Small Music (grau), 1995


Mark Templeton: Two Verses

Faitiche is thrilled to welcome Mark Templeton with his album Two Verses (faitiche 37), release: Sept 27th 2024. Format: LP/DL. For his debut on Faitiche, the media artist browsed his old hard drives and invited Andrew Pekler to listen through and co-produce a selection of unreleased works. more

Mark Templeton: Two Verses, artwork by Dmytro Nikolaienko, 2024

Mark Templeton: Closing/Scene (faitiche 37), 2024


SEASCAPE - polyptych installation, Berlin

Wenn die Sirenen heulen (handle with care), exhibition including work by Zuzanna Czebatul, Richard Green, Anne Mundo, Ivonne Thein, Raul Walch and an a/v installation by Clive Holden & Jan Jelinek (SEASCAPE - polyptych) - Alte Feuerwache, Marchlewskistr. 6, 10243 Berlin. May 18th - July 14th 2024, Opening Friday May 17th, 19:00.

Holden & Jelinek: SEASCAPE - polyptych, film still (b/w converted), 2023


blackbody_radiation: hy_jet

blackbody_radiation submits a permutative fugue inspired by preoccupations of three unlikely topics – Taylorism, Utility and Leisure. Listen to and peek under the sonic wanderings of Infrastructure.

James Malton: The Young Painter's Maulstick (1800)

blackbody_radiation: hy_jet (2024)


Jan Jelinek: Kosmischer Pitch (album reissue)

Vinyl reissue of Jan Jelinek's album Kosmischer Pitch is ready for Winter 2024/2025, including a previously unreleased piece (digital only) from this period. Orignally released on scape in 2005, the reissue comes with a folded insert (b/w print) reproducing the original gatefold inner sleeve. Format: LP/DL

original artwork (inner sleeve) 2005, photo by Kai von Rabenau

Jan Jelinek: Lemminge Und Lurchen Inc. (faitback 06, 2005)


Jan Jelinek: Social Engineering (album)

Coming soon: Jan Jelinek - Social Engineering (faitiche 36), release: May 3rd 2024. Format: LP/DL. Social Engineering brings together thirteen text fragments from so-called phishing emails. Using speech synthesis, they are spoken, sung, and/or transformed into abstract textures. more

Jan Jelinek: Social Engineering, artwork by Tim Tetzner, 2024

Jan Jelinek: Social Engineering 3 (ALERT!) (faitiche 36, 2024)


Temple of Faitiche (April 2024)

Faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL: Label founder and producer Jan Jelinek portraits US-American composer Madalyn Merkey for the first half, Madalyn responses with her own mix/collage/selection for the second. On air April Friday 12th, 14:00-15:00. Available afterwards as Mixcloud stream.

Sandra Danicke: Für immer, Leben mit Provisorien, 2021


SG: Rain Revisited (Remixes by Salenta + Topu & Jamie Hodge)

Following the release of the SG's For Lovers Only / Rain Suite, Andrew Pekler asked Jamie Hodge and Salenta + Topu to interpret pieces from the album. Lastly, Andrew Pekler himself added a new track. Many thanks to the contributors Jamie Hodge and Salena + Topu! Release: April 12th 2024, format: digital only. More very soon.

SG: Rain Revisited, artwork by Dmytro Nikolaienko, 2024

SG (Andrew Pekler): Waiting For The Tide (faitiche 33+), 2024



German SWR2 premiers a new radio work by Jan Jelinek: Korridor. A 40-minute sound collage dedicated to the clandestine acoustics of corridors. Premiere: March 9th 2024, 23:03. Available afterwards as free stream & download for 12 months here.

hotel corridors (variations), 2024

Jan Jelinek: Korridor (excerpt), 2024


Temple of Faitiche (February 2024)

Faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL: Label founder and producer Jan Jelinek with a special feature about Electroacoustic Music from Latin-America. On air February Friday 9th, 14:00-15:00. Available afterwards as Mixcloud stream.

Lauren Hinkson: Josef Albers in Mexico, 2018


Giuseppe Ielasi: Rhetorical Islands

1st album announcement for 2024: Giuseppe Ielasi - Rhetorical Islands (faitiche 35), release: Mar 1st 2024. Vinyl/digital edition of the album Rhetorical Islands, originally released by Giuseppe Ielasi in 2012 as a limited-edition CD on his Senufo Editions label, with recordings made in 2011 as a commission for l’Audible Festival, Paris. more

Giuseppe Ielasi: Rhetorical Islands, artwork by Tim Tetzner, 2024

Giuseppe Ielasi: 06 (faitiche 35, 2024)


Zwischen by Trip Shrubb

2024 starts with a sinister/criminalistic remix version of Zwischen by Trip Shrubb. In Trip Shrubb aka Michael Beckett's words: more

Jan Jelinek: Zwischen (for 5 dictaphones), installation, photo by Udo Siegfriedt 2019

Trip Shrubb: Zwischen Zwischen, 2023