Zwischen by Trip Shrubb

2024 starts with a sinister/criminalistic remix version of Zwischen by Trip Shrubb. In Trip Shrubb aka Michael Beckett's words: "The other day we were sat around drinking, listening to Jan Jelinek`s album Zwischen. I got up to turn the record over when I noticed that a not substantial amount of dust had gathered on the needle….causing the needle to advance at a crawl…ever so quietly spitting out random pops and clicks and the occasional note. This sounded so good that I quickly set up the field recorder and made an ambient recording. The next day I took the recording into the studio, pitched it down by about 15% and sent it through a bunch of effects."

Jan Jelinek: Zwischen (for 5 dictaphones), installation, photo by Udo Siegfriedt 2019

Trip Shrubb: Zwischen Zwischen, 2023