Jonathan Scherk, live in Brussels

Listen to a excerpt of Jonathan Scherk live In Brussels, Nov 19th 2019 at Rue Du Chapitre 26. 

J. Scherk live at Gallery Laura Mars, Berlin - Nov 9th 2019

Jonathan Scherk: Live in Brussels, 2019


Temple of Faitiche (Dec 2019)

faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL. Next show is by Jan Jelinek, on air Dec 6th, 14:00-15:00. Afterwards as stream & download available.

Beuys Brock Vostell (Hatje Cantz 2016) 



UND T-Shirt, limited edition, hand printed on airbagcraftworks.com own basic t 01, white with black print. Now in stock/shop

FaitShirt4: UND

Jan Jelinek: 4 Lexington Avenue Express (NYC 2019)



On the occasion of The European Conference of Institutional Ideators (ECII) a few words on GES:
Name of the institution: GES (Gesellschaft zur Emanzipation des Samples / Society for the Emancipation of the Sample)
Active personell: Helmut Schmidt, Jan Jelinek
Year founded: 2009
Headquarters: The Federal Court of Justice, Karlsruhe, Germany

Workbook & Glossary GES, 2018
Workbook GES: contains two stamps with text extracts of the case law "Metal On Metal II" (Kraftwerk against Moses Pelham) of the BGH (2016) and EuGH (2019). The task is to multiply case law by stamping it on sound carriers. Preference is given to LPs whose authors are known for aggressively representing their legal claims. Each collage/sample artist is invited to stamp her/his own sample sources/sound carriers. more

G.E.S.: Samplecredits (manipulated), faitiche02


Faitiche, est. 2008

From October 12th to November 16th, the Laura Mars Gallery presents Faitiche to celebrate the label's eleventh anniversary.
Opening on Friday, October 11th 2019, 7 pm - featuring a performance of Schleusen (sonor), a concert for 6 signal generators (based on a composition by Ursula Bogner).

Tristes Tropiques (Andrew Pekler), Sounds From Phantom Islands (Kiwi Menrath & Andrew Pekler), Kennen Sie Otahiti? (Jan Jelinek)


A concert series will accompany the exhibition. On October 30th, Andrew Pekler will premiere his new album Sounds from Phantom Islands in the gallery. The two Canadian collage musicians Jonathan Scherk and Daniel Majer will present their debut album It’s Counterpart on November 9th. Finally, the visual artist, composer, and percussionist Sven-Åke Johansson will perform Ballistik und Ballett (performance for peas and drums) at the end of the exhibition. more


Temple of Faitiche (Oct 2019)

faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL. Next show's guest is Andrew Pekler with a 60 minutes mix titled Hi-Tech World, on air Oct 11th, 14:00-15:00. Afterwards as stream & download available.

Robert Müller: Tropen (Hugo Schmidt 1915)


Description of Rain

Watch a new video by Andrew Pekler: Description of Rain (title from the forthoming album Sounds From Phantom Island). Vimeo & YouTube


Crape Myrtle/Focus #2

Listen to a new collaboration work by Andrew Pekler, Sugai Ken and Ben Vince - title: Crape Myrtle.
INA GRM posted a video, which sums up Jan Jelinek's Zwischen-performance at Focus #2, Paris May 11th 2019: YouTube

Zwischen - verbal instructions (audio transcription by Anne Bergmann)  


Sounds From Phantom Islands

New album by Andrew Pekler: Sounds From Phantom Islands (faitiche20). Official release is Nov 11th 2019. The album brings together ten tracks created over the last three years for the interactive website Phantom Islands - A Sonic Atlas.

Sounds From Phantom Islands (excerpt from the album's artwork - image/concept by Stefanie Kiwi Menrath & Andrew Pekler)

With his 2016 album Tristes Tropiques, Pekler created a highly unique cosmos of ethnographic sound speculations. Sounds From Phantom Islands continues and simultaneously expands this concept: finely elaborated chordal motifs float like fog over fictional maritime landscapes. A masterpiece of contemporary Exotica. more

Andrew Pekler: Description of Rain (Over Frisland), faitiche20, 2019


Marshall McLuhan/Zwischen

Previously unreleased/unpublished title from Jan Jelinek's radio play Zwischen. 

Benedetti/DeHart: Reflections On and By Marshall McLuhan  

Jan Jelinek: Zwischen/McLuhan, 2017


It's Counterpart

Forthcoming album It's Counterpart - a split LP by Jonathan Scherk & Daniel Majer (faitiche19). Official release is Oct 4th 2019.

It's Counterpart (backcover, excerpt) image by Jonathan Scherk


Scherk and Majer produce contemporary sound collages on samplers, laptops etc. using raw material drawn from YouTube videos, field recordings, cassettes, and LPs from the dollar bin - the kind of rightly forgotten obscurities that have long since lost their audience, if they ever had one. more

Jonathan Scherk: Sure of You (faitiche19), 2019


Temple of Faitiche (June 2019)

faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL. Next show's guests are Daniel Majer & Jonathan Scherk, on air June 14th, 14:00-15:00. Afterwards as stream & download available.

It's Counterpart (excerpt from the album's artwork ... well, potentially)


Daniel Majer & Jonathan Scherk hail from the post-rock and experimental scene in Vancouver - their album 'It's Counterpart' will be released in Winter 2019 on faitiche.



Remix of Mads Emil Nielsen's Framework by Jan Jelinek - on the occasion of the fundraiser project CRXSSINGS.

Mads Emil Nielsen: Framework 10 (graphic score for the original piece) 

Jan Jelinek: Framework 10 (Remix), 2019



"Ich_ähm  Swallow Inhale Swallow Swallow Exhale Inhale ääh w w  Swallow Inhale Swallow Swallow Exhale Inhale Ähmm_m Äh_t Inhale nnnh Ähm, Inhale Inhale Hm k ääh ä_w_nnh Inhale Inhale ä_w_nnh t  Ja. Inhale Exhale Swallow Inhale Inhale Swallow Ha Ämm äm hn ä ä. nwä Äh. ähm Exhale Inhale ä  Swallow Exhale Inhale Swallow Äh Exhale Swallow ä Ä" (Zwischen, 2017)

"Friedericke Mayröcker, when you write - do you feel like the creator of the work or more like a medium?"

Jan Jelinek: Zwischen/Live (excerpt), 2019


Naples, private/public

"As porous as this stone is the architecture. Building and action interpenetrate in the courtyards, arcades, and stairways. In everything they preserve the scope to become the theatre of new, unforseen constellations." Walter Benjamin & Asja Lacis, Naples

Naples, old town 2019 / Benjamin Fellman: Walter Benjamins Neapel

Jan Jelinek: shifting out (Naples 2019)


Temple of Faitiche (April 2019)

faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL. Next show's guest is artist and graphic designer Tim Tetzner, on air April 19th, 14:00-15:00. Afterwards as stream & download available.

Tim Tetzner: Why haven’t we seen a Photograph of a Black Hole yet? (1967)

Tim Tetzner about his guest mix 'Earth covers Earth, Wind and Fire': A sound meditation to humankind's most ambigous fantasy, Earth. In 1966, soon after Stewart Brand asked 'Why haven't We Seen A Photograph Of The Whole Earth Yet?', NASA presented a perfect beautiful first image of Earth taken from space by its ATS-3 satellite. more 


Personal Rock & Signals Bulletin

Gramm's Personal Rock (Faitback09) and  ASUNA & Jan Jelinek's Signals Bulletin (Faitiche18) are now available at the webshop.

Signals Bulletin's Doodle Art, back cover (excerpt)



Klang für Zwischen/Raum is a sound collage/composition, commissioned by Peter Granser for his installation Zwischen/Raum - on the occasion of Kubus. Sparda-Kunstpreis 2019, March 23rd - June 23rd 2019, at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. Granser's interdisciplinary installation refers to the traditional Japanese teahouse - the interior space is accessible and contains objects for tea ceremony, utensils for tea preparation & headphones, which play the composition.


idea/concept: Peter Granser, design/realisation: Friederike Daumiller & Peter Granser, composition: Jan Jelinek. Supported by a grant from Musikfonds & by DG Galerie München.

Jan Jelinek: Klang für Zwischen/Raum, 2019



Listen to a mix by Lucrecia Dalt & Jan Jelinek for RE-TEXTURED - recorded December 20th 2018.

Eugen Blume: Black Mountain: Ein interdisziplinäres Experiment 1933-1957 (2015)

Lucrecia Dalt & Jan Jelinek: RE-TEXTURED mix


Temple of Faitiche (Feb 2019)

faitiche's bimonthly radio show on LYL starts again. All following shows in 2019 will welcome a 30 minutes guest mix. First guest is Dutch artist Michael Raedecker, on air February 22nd, 14:00-15:00. Afterwards as stream & download available.

Michael Raedecker: Instinctions (2002)


Signals Bulletin

ASUNA & Jan Jelinek's album Signals Bulletin brings together joint improvisations and compositions made over a period of three years in Berlin, Kyoto and Kanazawa. ASUNA's meandering organ drones merge with Jelinek's pulsating synthesizer and field recording loops to create dense superclusters that span broad harmonic arcs ...


ASUNA & Jan Jelinek live, Tokyo 2017, Photo by Takehito Goto

ASUNA & Jan Jelinek: Relief, pt.1 (from the album: Signals Bulletin, faitiche18), vinyl release: April 5th 2019


Die Planeten

Andrew Pekler: Tristes Tropiques (faitiche14) - a collage of field recordings made in and around Khao Sok National Park, Thailand, January 2016 is available here. (A portion of these recordings can be heard on the album Tristes Tropiques)
Sven-Åke Johansson & Jan Jelinek: puls-plus-puls (Ni-Vu-Ni-Connu) - vinyl just arrived
Jan Jelinek: Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records (faitback01) - vinyl repress is now available again
Gramm: Personal Rock (faitback09) / ASUNA & Jan Jelinek: Signals Bulletin (faitiche18) - official release date: April 5th 2019


Lorna Simpson: Collages (Chronicle Books, 2018)

G.E.S.: Die Planeten (faitiche / archive 2013), previously unreleased


puls plus puls

Faitiche is delighted to announce a new release: puls plus puls, Sven-Åke Johansson & Jan Jelinek, LP & DL, recorded live at SYN/CUSSION Festival, Radialsystem Berlin 2017. Art work by Teresa Iten, liner notes by Diedrich Diederichsen - out now on Ni Vu Ni Connu and soon available at the faitiche webshop as well.



"Whether the drummer mimics the machine or the machine mimics the drummer is no longer a question for cultural critique or estrangement theory: rhythmitised assembly on the factory line concerns only a minor part of today’s working world. More important is the animistic core question: Is the subject (drummer) contained in the beat or does he lose himself to the beat? Or does he follow an experimental setup that functions like a composition or a conceptualist experiment, that allows for both, considers both?" D. Diederichsen 

Sven-Åke Johansson & Jan Jelinek: puls-plus-puls, part 2 (excerpt), Ni Vu Ni Connu 2018