Vom Rohen und Gekochten

German SWR2 Ars Acustica premiers a new radio work by Jan Jelinek: Vom Rohen und Gekochten (On the Raw and the Cooked). Premiere: April, 7th 2020. Afterwards as stream and free download for 18 months available here.

Jan Jelinek: series Symmetrie aus Sicht der Gastronomie, 2011 (ink on paper)  

About the work:
Solid, raw, boiling, powdery, liquid, broken and folded - empirical categories which describe the nature of material. They can also be read in a chronological sequence: solid becomes broken becomes powdery becomes liquid. Material tells of its essence as it drifts through its states. Vom Rohen und Gekochten captures material transformation processes in sound - it observes the artists Thomas & Renée Rapedius as they design their paper and metal objects, the photographer Peter Granser as he ritually prepares Japanese tea - Vom Rohen und Gekochten shatters glass, bents metal and burns wood. The results are sonic descriptions of consistency that are woven into a sound composition.

Jan Jelinek: Vom Rohen und Gekochten (excerpt), 2020