Do you know music?

Do you know music (which can be - however - traced back to Faitiche)?  faitiche presents the seventh audio collage - this time focused on faitiche songs (and field recordings). 01. G.E.S.: Birds of Heraklion, Album: Circulations (faitiche02) 02. G.E.S.: previously unreleased 03. Helmut Schmidt: plays Bach (with the birds) - previously unreleased 04. Groupshow: Pet Hair Magnet - previously unreleased 05. Jan Jelinek: Palmen aus Leder, Album: Tierbeobachtungen 06. Ursula Bogner: Der Chor der Oktaven, forthcoming Album: Sonne = Blackbox (faitiche05) 07. Ursula Bogner: Begleitung für Tuba, Recordings 1969-1988 (faitiche01) 08. Faitiche: plays Walter Rota - previously unreleased 09. Anne Westphalen & Peter Lay: Liveremix of Jan Jelinek's 'Tierbeobachtung', Album: HUB Tierbeobachtungen 10. G.E.S.: Im Schilf, Album: Circulations (faitiche02) 11. Triosk meets Jan Jelinek: On the Lake, Album: 1+3+1 12. Groupshow: It's not just country birds that are attaracted (to this blue glass bird bath), Album: The Martyrdom of Groupshow    13. Farben: Xango, forthcoming faitiche06 14. Jan Jelinek: Fragments Volume 1, excerpt from 'Bicéphale' by Sylvain Émard 15. Ursula Bogner: Trabant, forthcoming Album: Sonne = Blackbox (faitiche05) 16. Samadha Trio: Anonyme, Jan Jelinek's Flötentöne vor Kalua Remix 17. Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek: Stripped to RM, Album: Bird, Lake, Objects (faitiche03) 18. G.E.S.: Hong Kong Cable Car, Album: Circulations (faitiche02)




Jan Jelinek: Do you know music (which can be - however - traced back to Faitiche)?, 2011