Browser Music by Andrew Pekler

Experience Andrew Pekler's Browser Music series: One (part 1  2  3  4), Two (part 1  2  3  4), Three (part 1  2  3  4), Four (part 1  2  3  4). Browser Music is a series of four individual compositions - each one in four parts to be played simultaneously but not necessarily in sync. Instructions by Andrew Pekler: Open each link in its own web browser tab or window and press play on each. The four parts are meant to play at the same time but don’t have to start together. You can stop / re-start individual parts and change their respective volumes as you wish. Like the components of a mobile sculpture, each part can be considered on its own or in any combination.

Browser Music artwork by Andrew Pekler, 2022

Andrew Pekler on his intentions: This is music without development, where nothing much happens (or rather: the happening is evenly distributed throughout). This is also quiet music – perfect for playing in the background on your web browser while you are doing something else on your computer. You can even listen to other music / watch other videos / make Zoom calls, etc. while playing Browser Music in the background.