Jonathan Scherk Mix for Radio Kapital

Listen to a mesmerising mix by Jonathan Scherk for Polish Radio Kapital. Similar to the Toon!, Jonathan works again with his spirals of memory - with the difference that this time we have an insight into his sources (see his playlist below). A little description by Jonathan to give context: "The mix is crafted in a similar way to the tracks from my newest record, only in a sort of macro way. The tracks on the record are collages of quite short pieces of audio that loop in turn, where the mix is using longer edits of more recognizable bits of music (an interpretation on the more standard style of playlisting combined with the methods I've been working with lately). There are 6 sections that are made up of a 1 minute or so loop that plays for around 10 minutes as it, sometimes, subtly changes. The effect of listening to these loops is hopefully somewhat captivating, somewhat lulling, and somewhat entrancing."

Playlist (six sections) by Jonathan Scherk, 2022